Tuesday, March 15, 2011


someone said,
our life is like a long journey,
no one knows when the end,
but, everyone knows what the end,
death is the end for our journey,
for everyone's journey..
in our way to the end,
to finish our journey,
even though,we don't want to finish it,
many obstacles are waiting for us,
we will face them,
either we want it or not,
either we afford to face it or not,
we must to..
it's our destiny,
it was written before we see the world,
if we fall once,
we need to raise by ourself,
no one there to help us,
except HIM..
but,HE will not help us if we didn't seek for it,
HE will not help us if we always forget about HIM,
HE will not help us if we always disobey HIM,
so, to get HIS help,
we should become a good muslim and muslimah..
we should thanked to ALLAH,
who gave us many pleasures in our life..
then,we need to continue our journey after we raise..
straight forward,
but, we need to look backwards if it needs,
to remind us about the past,
to remind us about the future,
to remind us that we are human..
a human that are not perfect,
still doing wrong..
whatever is waiting for us at the front,
whatever it is,
we should face it..
we should to continue our journey..
until the end...
may HE always be with us,insya-ALLAH....

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