Monday, August 29, 2011

graduation day!


eventually, the graduation day has come. means, our study in madrasah Ramadan almost come to the end. so, what we already done actually? are we make full use with the ramadan or vice versa? ok, let us check back.

are we fully completed our fasting exam?
(women excluded)

are we finish with the task of reading 30 chapter of the Ultimate Course Companion?

are we really fulfill ramadan's days with extra exercise?

are we get enough sleep at the last 10 days of ramadan?

are we really shopping well in this month mega pahala?

are we take all the advantage given by The Great Creator this month? 

are we?

answer it by ourselves.
hopefully it'll would be a satisfying answer.
if not, let us muhasabah ourselves back.
correct the incorrect things.
fill in the blanks.
add some more knowledge and do more practice.

"ramadan come and left. it surely will come again next year. but, are we surely will meet 'him' again next year?"

*hope, this short entry can delight ourselves and improve our iman, taqwa and amal. sorry for the broken english. i'm not so good in english actually. trying to improve it. have a blast last day of ramadan! hepi eid! 'asif 'ala kulli hal~

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  1. "are we get enough sleep at the last 10 days of ramadan?"

    the days i'm home, i regret it :(
    here, at home i just can't have the environment to speed up.
    now i wish i can stay at kmb a little longer before coming home so that i can make full use of Ramadan.